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He has great attention to detail and makes sure our Bubble apps are built 1:1 to our Figma designs.

Joe Brown, Co-founder Small.dev

UX Brain

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AI platform that transcribes user research interviews and turns raw data into concise summaries and actionable insights.


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I started building Remote3 in Oct 2021 and it has now grown to 20,000+ visitors, 60,000+ views/month.

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With 20k visitors, 60k views/month, 9.5k newsletter subscribers, Remote3 is the best job board to discover remote jobs in web3.

Hey Yogesh!! You ever do freelance work by chance? :)

Always looking for additional bubble help and your eye for detail is impeccable! Have some projects upcoming for Small.

Joe Brown

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Personal site to showcase his services, projects and experiments.

Yo! Are you available for some design work?

We have a client that needs a design for one of our MVPs created.


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Currently in development

What nocode tools I use?


I’ve been designing website and web apps for 5 years now, and building with bubble since last 2 years.

I've had the chance to collaborate with the industry leaders and companies in the NoCode scene.


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Book me for 40 hours of work.

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If you need your MVP designs with-in a week.

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Design, Development


Part-time commitment for your project.

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Open to meetings or async communication whatever you prefer, no contracts, pause or cancel anytime.

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